January 24, 2020

Zoho CRM

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a web based, hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and business management solution. This web based tool makes all of your company’s customer centric data available at your fingertips from your computer, mobile phone, iPad or other mobile devices.   It helps you to manage your organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Customer Service in a single business system.

What are the advantages of using Zoho CRM?

Using a customer relationship management system in your business centralizes and streamlines communication between all employees in your company.  As it is an online system, you always have access at your fingertips to critical information about your customers and their projects.  Zoho CRM gives you the ability to track and manage your incoming leads, sales pipeline, customer communications, incoming service calls and other important information related to your clients and their projects.

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Zoho CRM Popular Features

  • Lead/Prospect Management: Track and manage incoming leads as they make their way through your sales cycle.  Qualified leads become potential sales and make it into your sales pipeline analysis.
  • Contact Management: Keep track of all contacts (leads, customers, vendors, architects, builders, designers) in one place.
  • Sales Pipeline Management: Track your sales opportunities as you work toward closing a sale.  Managing your sales pipeline gives you a pulse on your sales activities but can also help reduce the overall sales cycle and provide forecasting data.
  • Task/ Event Management:  Manage tasks, events (appointments) and phone calls related to your contacts as well as track emails and storing notes related to various customer activities.
  • Marketing Campaign/ Lead Source Analysis: Tracking leads to their lead sources and marketing campaigns helps you determine which lead sources and campaigns are most effective (and also which are not).
  • Customer Service Tracking: Track incoming service calls, delegate responsibility for follow up and track the status of your company’s service and support responsibilities.
  • Workflow Automation: Automate various elements of CRM using workflow rules.  When a specific rule is triggered you can automate the creation of tasks, appointments and even send emails to your staff or your contacts.
  • Dashboards & Reporting: Dashboard charts provide quick insight into company metrics and reports provide detailed information for analyzing company and staff activity.
  • Google Apps Synchronization: Synchronization is available with Google apps calendar and contacts.  Additional integration with Google apps mail is available as well.
  • Google Apps Integration:  Add Contacts, notes and tasks to Zoho CRM directly from your Gmail inbox!
  • Web-to-Lead Forms:  Create web forms to capture leads from your website directly into CRM.  Use different forms for your landing pages to identify specific lead sources.
  • Constant Contact Synchronization:  a free integration add-on is available to synchronize your contacts between Zoho CRM and Constant Contact.