January 24, 2020


We offer flexible Zoho CRM Training and Implementation support services to help you meet your company’s specific objectives.  We recognize that CRM implementation is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach; each company’s staffing, objectives, needs, time frame, budget and skill sets are all different.  Our service offering is flexible so that we can custom tailor our approach to meet your specific and unique needs.

We do not offer ‘turn key’ solutions to squeeze each customer into the same service offering.  We take the time to understand your needs and the results speak for themselves.  Through a mix of the following services, we work with you to deliver an efficient, effective and productive CRM system for your company.  Please read our case studies for some examples of customer projects.

  • Implementation Planning: We will work with you to identify your key objectives for CRM implementation and prioritize those objectives into an implementation plan of action.  A major part of every Zoho CRM implementation is identifying HOW the system can go to work for you.  Having an implementation plan is the first key to a successful implementation.
  • Data Migration: MED can assist you in migrating data from your existing systems into Zoho CRM.  Data from Outlook, QuickBooks or other current/ legacy systems can be imported to Zoho CRM.  MED can assist with this process to ensure data is properly imported for optimal use in Zoho.
  • Implementation Services: We will assist you with implementation tasks such as custom fields and page layouts, development of workflow automation, reports, dashboards, mail integration, security settings/ user permissions and other tasks associated with your successful CRM implementation.
  • Training & Support: We provide training and support to teach you and your staff to use Zoho CRM as part of your new, optimized process. Training also helps you to understand the management tools and techniques to maintain your CRM system.  Our training services are also used by our clients who want to be more hands on with the development of their CRM system; we can provide training to teach you the tools you need to setup and maintain the system on your own.


Moving from Salesforce to Zoho CRM?  

You are not alone.  Many of our clients have found the features and pricing model of salesforce.com to be more than they need.  Nothing against salesforce.com; it is a great tool.  Many businesses find Zoho CRM’s robust feature set and competitive pricing model to be more in line with their objectives.

We can assist you with migrating your salesforce data seamlessly into Zoho CRM so you won’t miss a beat during the transition.  You may also choose to have us review your implementation and CRM goals and make recommendations for improvement/ optimization of your company’s CRM process.  You may also want to read up on some case studies.

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