January 24, 2020

Case Studies


Customer Case Study: Translation & Interpretation

  • Business Challenge: a quickly growing small business was struggling to manage incoming leads, sales opportunities and tracking the process involved with their interpretation and translation business. As additional employees were being brought on board to handle growth, the owner wanted a systematic process implemented before the new staff joined the team. The owner knew what his challenges were, but needed someone to assist him with identifying and implementing a solution to meet his process management needs as he continued to run his busy company.
  • Solution: MED completed a thorough needs analysis to identify specific challenges, inefficiencies and critical milestones in the current business process. We then produced a conceptual process model which was reviewed and confirmed to meet the growing business’ needs and proceeded to setup Zoho CRM with custom fields, page layouts, reports, dashboard graphs and workflow automation rules. The new employees were then trained in their second week on the job to use the new CRM tools to manage the business process. Several months later, a custom application was built using Zoho Creator to facilitate receipt of incoming requests from existing clients and help the project managers assign specific resources to complete the clients’ requests.

Customer Case Study: Medical Facility

  • Business Challenge: A busy surgery center with multiple locations was looking for a way to manage the large number of incoming patient inquiries from multiple marketing channels and derive metrics from their data to identify which were most successful. They also needed a way to track their internal process for managing customers, referral sources and the statuses of scheduled procedures at the facility. Our client had started the implementation on their own, and had a built a system which they knew to be inefficient and only met a few of their overall goals. They wanted a tool that was scalable, efficient and made use of the more advanced features of Zoho such as workflow automation, custom reporting and leveraging the relational database to create more efficient data management/ data entry. The project also needed to be completed with minimal downtime for the staff as the tool was in active use.
  • Solution: A detailed review of the current process and needs analysis took place to fully understand the specific objectives for the project as well as to identify specific shortcomings of the system they had built and were currently using. A conceptual process was designed and through several online review sessions with leaders from multiple departments (management, marketing, operations,) we were able to fine tune the process to meet the needs and receive approval from the department heads. Due to the existing system being modified (which contained a significant amount of historical data) a complex data migration process was completed to transfer historical data to conform to the new process we designed. Staff had two days of planned downtime for us to complete the customization and data migration as well as train the new staff on the new system so they could go live on Day 3. Admin training was completed for the in house CRM manager to take over system maintenance in the future.

Customer Case Study: Used Automobile Buyer

  • Business Challenge: A small business focused on purchasing used cars directly from consumers was experiencing rapid growth pains as newly implemented marketing activities produced increasing numbers of clients. The business was struggling to follow up with leads in a timely manner in a business environment with a very short window to close deals. They desperately needed a way to track incoming leads and manage follow ups to ensure sales opportunities weren’t falling through the cracks. They also needed to build a system to analyze marketing channel ROI (SEO landing pages, billboards, local advertising, referrals, etc). An existing implementation of Zoho CRM built by a previous employee was working “okay”, but ownership knew it was inefficient and wasn’t built to allow for workflow automation, lead capture from the web, effective reporting and metrics for growing sales.
  • Solution: After a review of the existing system, MED interviewed the client to fully understand their process and needs as well as to identify why various decisions were made on the current setup of the CRM. Once we understood the client’s needs, we quickly identified a process outline, reviewed it with management to finalize and then quickly overhauled the existing system. The system overhaul needed to be completed quickly in order to allow for business operations to continue with minimal interruption. Employee training was completed to introduce them to the new system. Additional complexity was added due a large amount of legacy data which needed to be converted and migrated to conform to the newly designed process.

Customer Case Study: Waste Management

  • Business Challenge: A fast growing business dealing in waste management contracts had recently hired a sales manager to build and grow a sales team to handle their nationwide expansion and exploding growth. The sales manager had previous experience with CRM and knew what he needed for his team to succeed; workflow automation, individual and management level reporting as well as sales pipeline management tools to track the sales team’s effectiveness. His biggest problem was he didn’t have time to design, setup and learn to use Zoho CRM; and he knew that wasn’t the best use of his skills. He turned to MED to lead the implementation, so he focused on growing sales.
  • Solution: MED completed a thorough discovery of their needs and completed a process concept outline to review with company management. The process was reviewed and revised in a web meeting to more closely align with their goals and with best practices as outlined by MED. A complete CRM system was built including web-to-lead capture and automatic lead assignment rules coupled with workflow automation to ensure the sales team could be proactive and persistent in their follow-ups. A set of reports and dashboards was built for the management team to monitor overall and individual sales performance as well as analyze the sales pipeline. This included automated weekly reports sent by email to key company management. A written process outline was developed for use by future staff additions.

Customer Case Study: Real Estate

  • Business Challenge: A small real estate franchise needed a cost effective customer management tool for the owner and 2 employees. They had some unique needs as they also managed foreclosed properties for banks. The client was on a budget, needed results quickly and was willing to put in some of the leg work to make it happen.
  • Solution: MED worked with the client to build a plan of action for how zoho CRM’s various modules could be customized and leveraged to achieve their specific goals. MED assisted them with initial personal online training on customization to get them started, and also provided progress review, Q&A, advice and tips throughout the process to ensure their CRM was going to meet their objectives and that they were building the system according to plan. This is a perfect example of a client leveraging our expertise only where needed; the client worked within their budget, learned a lot along the way and now has become a proficient user/ admin of Zoho CRM for his company.

Customer Case Study: Residential Mortgage Broker

  • Business Challenge: A residential mortgage broker (sole proprietor) was looking to maximize the effectiveness of his time. He needed a customer management tool to track the progress of completing his client’s loan funding. His goals were to provide better customer service to his clients by having information at his fingertips as well as work more efficiently so he could manage more clients simultaneously.
  • Solution: MED worked collaboratively online with this client, first learning about his process needs, then making recommendations and walking him through the process of setting up and customizing his CRM. After just a few sessions together and a series of “homework” assignments, he was up and running with an effective tool to track the progress of his customer’s loans and was enthusiastically implementing his new process.

Customer Case Study: Commercial Mortgage Broker

  • Business Challenge: A small, but busy, commercial mortgage broker needed to migrate from salesforce.com to Zoho CRM – wanting to move away from excessive features and costs that didn’t suit his needs. This client had legacy data sitting in an old ACT database as well as a year of data inside salesforce.com. MED was hired to analyze his current process and needs, create a plan of action for CRM implementation to streamline his process and enable him to better utilize his new google apps implementation (Mail, Calendar), migrate his previous databases, and build a system to handle large lists of incoming leads that he was currently managing manually.
  • Solution: MED reviewed his previous implementations of ACT and salesforce.com and was able to get a general idea of what he had tried to achieve in the past with unsuccessful CRM implementations. We developed a process concept for his CRM and demonstrated the capabilities of his new system which would provide him with tracking for the loan process, lead management and integration with google apps. Once approved, we moved forward with the data migration from salesforce.com to move his legacy data to the new system. A few months after the initial project, he contacted us for some help expanding his implementation to use Zoho for additional areas of his process, including capturing leads from his website and workflow automation along with the creation of dashboard charts to monitor his sales data.

Customer Case Study: Audio/ Video Integrator

  • Business Challenge: The owner of a busy and growing audio video systems integration company, a former IT engineer focused on automating processes, was intent on streamlining his company’s processes as he pursued a paperless workplace. His goals were to establish processes in Zoho CRM to streamline communications between sales, operations and finance, as well as develop sales pipeline management. Additionally, he wanted management level reporting and dashboards to check on the overall status of the company. The owner knew what he wanted, he just didn’t have the time to investigate how to achieve his goals in a new system while he managed the company’s growth and transition to paperless systems.
  • Solution: MED was hired to identify the specific needs and translate them into a plan of action and workflow within Zoho CRM. We developed and reviewed the workflow outline with the client, discussing various processes and ultimately agreeing on a plan of action that leveraged the tools provided by Zoho CRM. The final solution included customized fields and layouts to manage their specific clientele and process, automation workflows to trigger timely emails to operations staff along with a suite of reports and dashboard components. Additional processes were defined to send automated emails to clients 30 and 60 days after an installation, as well as annually to remind them to renew their service contracts. He now runs weekly sales meetings using zoho reports and dashboards projected on the conference room wall.

Customer Case Study: Audio/ Video Integrator

  • Business Challenge: An audio video integration company had experienced massive growth over the previous five years. They had never deployed a centralized CRM or contact management system and all sales persons managed their own contacts and sales prospecting individually. The owner had no way of seeing what everyone was up to until a closed deal came through. The sales manager, hired to formalize the sales process and build some structure to the team, had used CRM in previous posts. He was too busy to implement the CRM system and focus on growing/managing the sales team, so he brought in MED to assist with the implementation and training of the staff. Their goals were to centralize contact management, build a sales pipeline management process, and develop management reporting and dashboards for ownership to have a pulse on current sales activities.
  • Solution: One of this client’s biggest issues was merging and importing each individuals sales persons contact database into the CRM. A discovery was completed and a process outline developed to meet the needs of the organization. Upon review and acceptance of the process outline we began CRM customization of fields, layouts, reports, dashboards, and created custom user permissions to govern user activity. The process was dynamic; we provided the sales manager with training on Zoho CRM and administrative level tasks while making modifications to the system, resulting in a tool that was built and rolled out to the sales team along with user training in just a matter of weeks.