January 24, 2020

About Us

Media Environment Design (MED) is a Zoho Alliance Partner – we provide Implementation and Training Services to assist companies with successful implementation and use of Zoho CRM.  Our experience working with clients in a multitude of industries including hospitality, medical, real estate, mortgage, construction, system integration, IT and a host of other service related businesses gives us a unique perspective on effective business processes.

The philosophy behind our training and implementation services is to empower our clients with the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to deploy a successful CRM process that delivers timely return on investment (ROI).  We put a heavy emphasis on training as we feel that empowering our clients to manage their CRM implementation in house after working with MED is priority #1.

A typical engagement pairs you with one of our expert trainer/ implementation specialists.  We work together with you to identify your specific needs, make recommendations for optimizing your company’s process while fully utilizing the tools available to you with Zoho.   We work together using online screen sharing tools to customize your Zoho CRM platform.  This collaborative effort allows us to begin your implementation, make recommendations and discuss your options all while teaching you the various aspects of Zoho!

Each implementation is different along with each customer’s needs and our services are flexible to your needs!  We can provide as much or as little support as you require during your implementation – many of our clients prefer to take on the bulk of the setup work (after learning best practices and processes through the collaborative process mentioned above) while others prefer to have MED perform many of these tasks using progress meetings to review.

Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.